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Has Harry Kane earned the ticket to the World Class Category ?

The primary task of a striker is to score goals. The more the goals, the better it is for the team. While some may undeniably argue that a striker’s game is more than just goals, the best of them are well known for their ability to tuck away given the chance. The likes of Suarez and Lewandowski has been making headlines over and over again for their goal scoring record and work rate which has seen them get regarded as the world’s best number nines. There is a player who is following that path and doing it faster than anyone, the one and only Harry Kane.


Harry Kane, who was regarded as the one season wonder after breaking through with 21 goals in the 14/15 Premier League season. Kane has been unstoppable since then scoring 20+ goals every single season. He was on top of the Premier League goal charts with 29 goals last season. Spurs have been performing excellent with Kane in the team with Eriksen and Son forming an exhilarating partnership with the Englishman. Kane has had a sharp start to this season and is already on top of the goal charts with 8 goals despite not being able to score in August. So what makes Harry Kane extra special ? In addition to his goal scoring abilities, he is a tireless worker for his team and tracks back very often to help out his teammates in opposition attacks and counters. He has that extra bit of selfishness which a striker should have and is a very popular player in England already. He looks to be England’s biggest chance of winning some silverware and has already carried the team to the 2018 World Cup.

Even though a striker’s primary job is to score goals for his team, extra work on the field would be a quality worth having. Harry Kane is a player who works his socks off every single game and contributes much more to the team. He is the kind of player who doesn’t look for cheap fouls and rather uses his balance to get shots away. His shot accuracy proves his deadliness and he is someone who just needs half a chance to score.Kane last 3.PNG Mauricio Pochettino has been thriving at Spurs and most of his job has been made easier by the 24 year old Englishman. Kane scored 13 goals for club and country last month which equalled the tallies set by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the highest number of goals in a single month. He has also been backed by Premier League’s all time top scorer Alan Shearer to break his record of 260 Premier League goals.

Also looking at the stats, one could see that Kane has undoubtedly challenged the likes of Suarez and Lewandowski last season. Scoring 29 goals in the Premier League with 65% shot accuracy indicates all the signs of a world class player. Real Madrid has shown an interest in the Englishman which shows the level that he is bound to. Harry Kane has earned the right to be named among the best in the world with his performances and has deservedly reaped praises with his immense hardwork and commitment. The guy who was a benched loanee in the Championship has now become one of the deadliest if not the best in the world of football. Time after time, he has shown that the world class tag is something that he deserves. As a result, Harry Kane should be labelled as a world class player by all standards and has indeed earned his ticket to be among the elite of the footballing world. Top Kane.PNG


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